I think everyone hits a point where they stop and think, how did I end up here. At this exact point. Well think you hit this point more then once in life. If you haven’t then lucky you I guess.

I hit that point today. I had to research what is required to import condoms into the Philippines for work. That’s when it hit me. When did my life reach this point? Is my life a joke? Okay fine, I shouldn’t be so dramatic. If you know what I did for work, it’s not a long stretch to rationalise why I was looking into that. But still, my job’s a joke, I’m broke and my love life’s DOA. Wait, I’ve already posted that. I shall go off and hang out with my cuddle buddy, my pillow, before I start writing stuff I have previously posted or quote anymore popular sitcom theme songs.

I shall leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Robert Frost since we’re speaking of jokes (and Paul’s comment reminded me of it):

“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee
And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.”


7 thoughts on “Joke

  1. That is awesome! So what’s required to import condoms into the Philippines? When I write I get to look up bizarre things all the time. As for the life being a joke, sometimes I do think God’s up there chuckling. But I often find it funny, too. Not the, “I’m laying here laughing hysterically because I’ve lost my final grip on reality,” but legit laughing. Though the other one happens too. Keep at it :)

    • You need a importer that’s registered the items with the department of health. Keep that in mind for when you need to send a large batch of them into the Philippines, okay? I think I am in the laughing because I have lost my final grip on reality stage most of the time these days. But what you said about God having a chuckle, reminds me of a Robert Frost quote. I shall update my post with it.

  2. My uncle used to own a factory that made latex products including condoms.. Wonder if he knows what it takes to import condoms into the Phillipines… :) would you like to trade? I give mice prostate cancer… :)

      • My sister finds them gross, so she didn’t see why I had an issue with it. She hates them more after 1 tried to bite her. But in the mouse’s defense she was trying to kill it. I really don’t think I can get used to it. I’ll probably bring them all home as pets :p

      • Yes. The mice do bite… I suppose they aren’t as hard to work with as rats though.. Rats laugh if you tickle them.. Don’t think I could do an experiment on a creature that has the ability to laugh..

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