In the pits

So the weekend sucked. And now it’s going to be Monday in a few hours. And I work next weekend. And I had work this morning. And I need to stop starting sentences with and. Basically the next time I have time to myself is the weekend after next. Guess what weekend that is. Yup, 14 February. FML. Bloody Valentine’s day. At least it’s a weekend which means I can stay at home and avoid all the idiots outside. My 28th Valentine, alone as usual. Anyone want to be my Valentine? Oh then the weekend following that, I will be working again. Yay!

The weekend duty/roster caught me off guard in this new job. I rotate with 2 other people in my team which means I work every 3rd weekend. I didn’t think it would be this frequent. Nor did I think it would be on Saturdays and Sundays without a break. I thought I would be compensated with comparable time off, but for the 17-18 weekends plus 4 public holidays you work in a year, you get only 3 days off a year. Doesn’t sound so fair to me. They let us work from home so they say 3 days is plenty. But they don’t realise you are sitting at your laptop from 7am to 4pm, though you are at home. I even need to have lunch at my laptop. I am going to feedback this. Hope they do change something. Working 12 days with no break is challenging.

It’s okay though, I am trying to focus on the positive. I have a job, i.e. income. Life is comfortable. As I have mentioned before if something better is meant for me, it will come my way. I have got to keep the faith in that.

Oh and I saw this online and related:


3 thoughts on “In the pits

  1. Is hard being single. But it is harder falling for the wrong type of guy that will break your heart sooner or later. Hope you can get to hang out with mates or loved ones like family. 🙏❤️

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