Humans and humanity

Work today made me question humanity. Funny isn’t it, how humans make you question the existence of the one quality should be intrinsic to them?

I have worked in the service industry for about 4-5 years now. Not extensive by any means when compared to some people’s career but I have to say it’s amazing how little regard people have for service providers/staff. Clients tend to see you as a machine rather than actual human being. I have dealt clients/customers from different parts of the world and I have to say the ones from my part of the world are the worst. Demanding, think you owe them everything because they pay (though it might be just a little bit) for a service. And as hard enough as it is dealing with these idiots, it’s harder as an extreme introvert. Oh fellow humans, why do you do these things?

Doesn’t the state of the world scare you sometime? Excuse me while I go find a YouTube video to restore my faith in humanity.


3 thoughts on “Humans and humanity

  1. Hah, I know what you mean! I worked at Tim Hortons as a cashier like 7 years ago, which is like a cafe, and I ended up being fired for telling a woman the microwave was broken so she would have to have her biscuit cold. She complained and I got written up (amongst other complaints, amounting to me being fired). What a b*tch! seriously! Who does that? You want to destroy my livelihood because you cannot take a cold tea biscuit!!!??Another time an angry customer threw a dollar coin at one of our cashiers!!! He was tired of waiting so long. How RUDE I cannot stand it lol

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