I seemed to have developed a weird inability to fall asleep. I get really sleepy around 10 and so get into bed, thinking I will fall asleep easily. And now here I am at 11.15pm, wondering why I feel wide awake. It’s only been going on the last few days. I used to be able to sleep easily on weekdays due to having to be up at 6am for work. Don’t know what’s changed. The longer I am up and unable to fall asleep the more stressed I get because I want to get a decent amount of sleep before work tomorrow, which makes it harder to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle. I even tried counting sheep last night, didn’t work. And it’s not like when I fall asleep I am out till my alarm rings the next morning. I have the weirdest dreams and wake up a few time a night. In the end when I wake up for work, I don’t feel like I had any sleep. Shall try camomile tea tomorrow and see if that works.


7 thoughts on “Insomniac

  1. I have the same issue. Last night was bad for me. Zzquill was good and melatonin. But they never put me out the entire night. I usually only get four hours of sleep. Reading before bed, and not looking at electronics helps, too. I hope you can find rest.

      • Melatonin is what your body produces when it’s dark. Supplement. I think it was as long as you keep under 20mg you’re good, but might want to research. Zzquill is totally a drug. I actually get pains if I take it too regularly. But it knocks me out fast.

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