Is it just mine?

On Friday morning, I had an extra pep in my step. I had a new top on. I thought I looked nice (doesn’t happen often), it’s a pretty top. I walked out of my room and my mother looks at me and says the equivalent of oh wow. Not in a good way. I asked her what that was about and she was like, “that new top, it’s very….different. Very bright”. Basically she made it known to me that she thought I didn’t look nice in it. It’s a black top (below), don’t know how that could be bright. And then I spent the whole ride to work wondering if I looked ridiculous in my new top.


PS. this is my attempt at posting about something other than my Europe trip. :D


2 thoughts on “Is it just mine?

  1. My mum does that to me too………
    How about this one: I had my hair red for a while, everyone said how nice it was, I thought it looked nice but the upkeep was too much so I went back natural………and my sister said ‘thank god you don’t have red hair anymore’ in a tone that meant she thought it was hideous-I spent the next week upset wondering it was really that bad! So you’re not alone there, family can be harsh :(

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