Another post about Europe

No I am not really that excited about my trip can you tell? :D Anyway, we have drafted a rough itinerary of what is manageable in the short time frame that we have. Coming up with an itinerary with the cousin was so easy. It’s not like she would insist we go to Vienna, though it’s out of the way and then at the end of our 2 hour long discussion and finalising plans with Vienna in it, decide to change things and take Vienna out. Right cuz? She did make me laugh until I nearly cried before the end of the night. Looking forward to more of that at the end of the year.

Anyway if anyone out there is from or has travelled around Italy a fair bit, I could use some travel tips and thoughts on our itinerary. Seriously, I need some help so do let me know if you would be able to help me via email. Only 319 days and 14 hours to go. Hmm wonder if I can add a countdown widget to WP.


11 thoughts on “Another post about Europe

  1. Hi there. How are you going to be travelling? I trained it from Munich to Florence and then Rome before and used an interrail pass, there easy to use and good value :)

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