Early bird

So I found airfare for my Europe trip at S$1154. I have bugged my cousin about it quite a bit, and had to stop so decided to blog about it instead. I just need an outlet :p I kind of want to book it now. I know it’s a tad too early for a trip in December but it’s a really reasonable price, for Europe. Plus it’s on Singapore Airlines. I have not flown Emirates which everyone raves about, but Singapore Airlines is a pretty great brand to fly with. I used to pay S$1000-1100 to fly to Australia. On Qantas. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the service on Qantas but it doesn’t compare to Singapore Airlines. I also like the flight timings. For some reason this fare only shows up for one particular city. Maybe it’s a slight error? I don’t know, but I am ready to book now. My cousin has told me to chill. Which probably is the wise thing to do. I am just too excited though. :D


5 thoughts on “Early bird

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    • Venice isn’t on my agenda at the moment (well not much is) but I will see if we can fit that in. And Singapore Airlines issues? I haven’t heard any. They are consistently one of the best airlines in the world, so I am not sure what issues you are referring to.

      • My bad. Malaysia Airlines. Anyway, if you’re in Milan, you’re like a two hour train ride from Venice. You need to go. Especially if you’re going in winter or fall. If you’re going in February, perfect. They have Carnivale. It’s my favorite city in the world.

      • Ah Malaysian Airlines, yeah I feel sorry for them, none of the issues were their fault. I would have go on them if their prices were low but they weren’t. :p I am going in December. Will go plan an itinerary and see of Venice can be part of it.

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