Lunch Party

I have pretty much gotten used to eating out/grabbing coffee alone. Party of one, that’s how I roll these days. But there are some pitfalls of being alone. Like tonight at a cafe, I was sitting at 1 end of a 6 person table, and there was a couple at the other end. The couple left while I was still enjoying my tea and a family of 5 came and took up the chairs. I mean with they asked me first before sitting down, but my quiet emo night turned into the night I became part of a random family. Oh the joys of single people problems.

Anyway, I feel like throwing a lunch party. Only problem is I don’t have enough friends to make it a substantial thingy. I am banking on my sister’s idea of getting together a few aunts and cousins. Hopefully everyone is free and it happens because I have already planned the menu and am really excited. I have 1 aunt who’s vegetarian and 1 that doesn’t eat seafood, and I feel like I have come up with a brilliant menu given these factors. Here’s the propose menu

  • A honey soy wasabi soba salad (with smoked salmon on the side)
  • Grilled mushroom and halloumi skewers (Sean, that’s cast iron grilled just fyi :D)
  • Roasted chicken/eggplant for my vegetarian aunt
  • Creamy couscous (or maybe spiced, I haven’t decided)
  • Truffle fries
  • Chocolate fondue for dessert

Halloumi is hard to find in this damn country though. And I don’t know what to serve for the fondue. Strawberries, mango, bananas, marshmallows, mini brownie bites and kiwi maybe? Any other suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Lunch Party

  1. That sounds lovely! I don’t think you need anything else for the fondue, it all sounds divine :) What are you serving to drink?

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