Read this huff post article, it resonated. Hmmm….



6 thoughts on “11/11

  1. First, I love how the 11/11 shows up in the header due to your fonts. That’s kind of bad ass.

    Second, this is basically the last 48 hours of my life. I’ve known I’ve had it for a while, my brother does but he’s more moody and vocal. I go with the over the top happy. If I can make someone feel as good on the inside as I do on the outside, then I’ve found purpose (see what I did there?).

    As an artist of words, it’s been something we spoke on in our English and writing classes. Often times it’s not that an artist feels more deeply than others. The difference is we keep exploring feelings so we can convey them in our medium of choice. For me in writing.

    Anyway, cool article. Praying for you and your struggles. It’ll all be good :)

    • Yes I saw the 11/11 thingy. Looks like a another language but I kept it anyway :p. And I shall pray for you and your struggles to. Hopefully it will all turn out good for the both of us.

  2. I’ve always believed I suffer from low level depression but I’ve never been officially diagnosed, most probably because I would never be able to share what I am really feeling inside with a total strange sitting directly opposite me. But yes, reading that article, I recognised a lot of myself…

    • I can understand. I have been thinking of seeing someone as well but I don’t know how much I would want to share with a stranger. Slightly Asian mentality would you think? Depression isn’t discussed much over here.

      • Exactly. It’s not a very Asian thing to talk about mental health.. And there is still that stigma attached to being tagged as a depressive.

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