Not even Klose

If you know football (that’s soccer anyone American), you would have heard of the Ballon d’or. It’s basically given out by FIFA to the best footballer of any given year. Guess who was awarded it 2014? Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean seriously? He’s likely to most commercialised player of the year, I will give him that. There are so many other players that deserve the title but it seems to be narrowed down to him and Messi the last few years. I am not saying they are bad player, they have really good skill, but they definitely aren’t the best. Both of them have not even won any decent tournaments at national levels. At club level, yes maybe, but let’s face it, the teams they play for with the best players in the world, I would win awards too, if I took their place. I could probably just sit on the field and still get awards. You can’t do that with a national team.

There was a player last year who not only was part of the world cup winning team, also holds the record for the most goals scored at the world cup tournament. Oh and the other 3 times he was part of a world cup squad, they didn’t win but they finished in the top 3. This guy, wasn’t even in contention. Guess he didn’t pose for enough underwear campaigns. Or if you haven’t guessed by the name, I am referring to Miroslav Klose. Yes I might be a bit biased, and yes I have previously mentioned him.

And I bet Ronaldo or Messi don’t have a picture of them doing this:

The commercialisation of sport, definitely something to think about.


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