I ran into an old junior college mate the other day. She majored in Bio at university. She’s in marketing now. No background, education in it, just wanted to make the switch and she did. Then there’s me, trained/educated in branding and communications, with relevant work experience as well, but working in logistics for the lack of any other job opportunities. It depresses me thinking about it. While I am grateful for a paycheck from a good company and a decent boss, I can’t help feeling that staying in this job is going to take me further away from what I feel is an ideal role for me. The other thing is that it’s been 2 months in this place and I just don’t feel like I am on the same wavelength as any of my colleagues outside work. In all my previous organisations, though I am not social, I made some good work friends that I “click” with. In this place, I can safely say I have yet to meet anyone I feel I want to go grab drinks with after work. And I do think that makes a difference when being motivated for work.

But while wading through these emotions of uncertainty, confusion and feeling stuck, I got really good advice. I was told to just stick with things and see what happens, and if something better is meant to come my way it will. It was simple, encouraging and from my very wise cousin. She says she’s getting wiser because she’s turning 28 soon (tomorrow in fact). 28, the best age to be (come August 26 this year, that will change to 29). What am I going to do when she leaves to Australia in a couple of years, to go live happily ever after (in her wildlife reserve eco-house full of snakes and birds)? Oh let’s face it, I will probably just be complaining about it on my blog.

Oh and I got reminded today that Valentine’s Day is coming. Argh. Someone wake me up when that is over please?


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