I am of the opinion that religion and spirituality is a very personal/individual thing. I was raised Hindu and still go the the temple now and then (mostly to keep my mother happy), but I don’t really practice it. I still get excited about Deepavali though (it’s a Hindu festival). I could be described as a non-practicing Hindu but I don’t think that’s accurate. You call someone a non-practicing  Hindu, or any religion really, it tends to imply that that person is does not have a strong sense of religion or faith, and only partakes in some holidays related to that religion.

While I don’t really believe in any particular organised religion, I am not anti-religion, like most people around me seem to think. No do not worship the devil either, I am pretty sure that’s what my mother thinks I do. I basically developed an extremely strong sense of spirituality of my own over the years. I guess I could be described as an agnostic theist? Or maybe not. I believe in God or a higher power but that’s about it. I pray, in my own way. I call it more like talks with God/the universe. I have also made deals with God. So far, God has come through in that I have gotten my Masters. And then there’s Europe which if all goes well should happen in about 11 months.

I need to make a work related deal with God soon I think. Either that or see if a PhD is realistic in the next 5 years. One of the deals I have was to experience the whole falling in love thing before I die (I first made these when I was like 21/22). While most of my other “deals” I have been sort of been able to control/work towards, this falling in love thing is a bit different. I need to a rely a bit more on the cosmic forces for this one. And hence I am starting to give-up a little on this one. Too much of an uncontrollable element.

And just to note, while I have strong views on religion and spirituality, I would never push my views on to someone else. I also do not feel the need to justify my view to anyone. That’s between me and my maker, the most intimate relationship there is in my opinion, and no one should try to interfere with that.


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