I read an article about Jospeh Gordon-Levitt getting married and realised that even all my celebrity crushes are all not single. How sad, even in fantasy world I can’t have crushes anymore, no one single left. I just found out that John Legend is a Capricorn. We would have been so good together. But his wife is hot, they are probably better together I will admit. Yup just going through hot celebrities in my head and no one is left. Everyone is married or in relationships. Sighs. Brings me back to my very first post on this blog. Somethings don’t change hey?

I know it’s been like the attack of the crazies with posts about random crap from me but I am just too bored with life at the moment so just need to do something to keep occupied.


8 thoughts on “Crushed

  1. There are still come single celeb chicks I like……but I tend not to follow the relationship statuses of my fav celebs cause it’s always a kick in the teeth when you read about the new girlfriend/getting married/having a baby *sigh*

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