Song of 2014 and other stuff

I was thinking about which song should get my song of 2014 since new year’s eve. By the way this title does not depend on when the song was released. It’s more dependent of how much I listened to it last year. At first I thought Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz. And than there was Waves by Mr Probz. I kept going on and on about that song and his voice that this girl from my old workplace started calling me Mrs Probz. But I think I am going to give it to What have I done by Taps Mugadza who I have previously mentioned.

I might be a bit influenced by my mood tonight. I have gone back into extreme emo mode for tonight. I think it’s a combination of this virus I am having (I am self-diagnosing it as The Plague) and the realisation that I am going to die alone, among other things.

I nearly downloaded Tinder again tonight, yes, scary territory,  I know.

And my cousin who is 4 years younger than me got married today. Very soon my little cousins, like 10 year younger than me are going to get married. And before long it will be my nephew’s turn in about 25 years or so. I wonder if he will invite his crazy cat lady aunt. Crazy cat lady aunt without one finger I have to add. Would have lost it swiping left/right too much.

I better start a cat food savings account now.


3 thoughts on “Song of 2014 and other stuff

  1. Oh don’t I know how that feels! My niece is getting into interested in boys territory and its horrifying to realise in a few years she’ll have more boy experience than me :(
    I guess the only thing we can do is try to live crazy lives and at least be the cool single chick who fed lions in Africa or something!

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