8 Signs You Might Be #ForeverAlone

Given I have decided that my life can be summed up with #foreveralone, I had to reblog this post. Um, merry christmas.

Thought Catalog

Sergey PoliakovSergey Poliakov

Let’s face it, dating in your mid-twenties can be a challenge. We’ve all had our dry spells, some longer than others, but how do you know when it’s just been too long?

1. The only person you’ve seen naked in the last year is yourself. Nothing wrong with it. We should all love our naked selves…but we should also let someone else appreciate our naked selves every now and again.

2. The last date you went on featured arm’s length dancing. I’m talking awkward middle school dance kind of dancing. Does anyone else remember how it was back then? If a guy liked you, he passed you a note during science class with a “check yes or no.” Nowadays, it’s all guessing and mind games. Uh, no thanks.

3. Even your grandma has stopped asking about your love life. People always used to asked me when I was…

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