2 thoughts in my head tonight. One of them is of cranberries. The fruit. I have never seen or tasted fresh cranberries. I want to, I think I would like them but I can’t find them here.

The second is about my love life. Yes that’s right my non-existent one which I decided a while back is because men are idiots. Well, I overheard a couple behind me yesterday. They were deciding between going to Coffee Bean (a cafe chain here) and Starbucks. And the lady said this to her (not too bad looking, just fyi) boyfriend/partner “Well, Coffee Bean has coffee….”. I wanted to turn around and ask her what she thought Starbucks had. Stars? Her boyfriend had to remind her that both had coffee. How? How do people like that meet people? What is so fundamentally wrong with me that even that woman has an easier time finding love? Is the last kiss I had (it was a really long time ago) going to turn out to be the last kiss I ever have in my life?

I want fresh cranberries.


3 thoughts on “Cranberries

  1. I don’t think you can eat them fresh (like crab apples), I’ve always wanted to make a fresh cranberry pie though :)
    Spare a thought for those of us who’ve never even had one kiss and have to console ourselves with pretty stationary we probably don’t need…..
    Is that what Starbucks sell? I thought they sold glitter ;)


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