Exciting times

The amazing race has ended. On the plus side, the team I was rooting for won. On the down side, just like when the world cup and the latest season The Block ended, my life feels a bit empty. Yes I know sad isn’t it my life? Can someone from Australia tell me when the next season of The Block starts again? Thank you. At least I still have my Modern Family and Criminal Minds.

In other news, they made me the 2015 fire warden at my new work place. Not entirely sure what that role entails. I think I get a cap and a clipboard.

Speaking of the new job, I have started this new work related habit which is not good. You see, apparently I am not allowed to leave my (work) laptop at work. Even if I am not going to be doing any work that night, I have to lug it back home and back to work the next day. So as a time saving measure I have started clearing emails while on the bus home. I never thought I would become one of those people who was on their laptop on public transport. Last Thursday I was so engrossed in work, I missed my stop. Thankfully the next stop after mine is not too far from my house. I still glad though that they don’t have the expectation to sync work emails to my phone. Well maybe they do but I am not going to. In a previous role I was issued a Blackberry and I developed a terrible habit of checking it even if I woke up in the middle of the night. Which affected my sleep even more. I think it stems from a little bit of control freak tendencies I have.

Just a glimpse into my exciting life. Sighs.


8 thoughts on “Exciting times

  1. Yes the fire warden gets a nice hat and in some places a bullhorn and a nice fluorescent vest… I think The Block comes back next year but I am not sure when..

      • Yeah it’s so much fun. I am at work even though I am officially on leave… And my phone’s screen just managed to get itself unglued from the body so I have to rush to try to get a new one before the break… But I hope your lead up period is going more smoothly..

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