The race race

I have not, in my adult life, been disillusioned about the presence of racial politics and racism in this country of mine, especially as a minority, though we are said to be a harmonious bunch where everything is based on merit first. But I have to say in my current company I am feeling it more than ever. Today my colleagues were discussing clients. And 2 of them agreed, one particular client was the most difficult to work with. And you know why? Because the manager there is Indian. Chinese would never be that bad, according to them. I was sitting right there. What the fucking hell? They did discuss this in mandarin which they should know by now I understand. That’s another thing that irks me, how much Chinese they use in the office. It’s like something happened and I woke up in China.

Anyway the best part today, I was called very “un-Singaporean”. Over lunch, a few of us were talking and a couple of them kept using Hokkien (another Chinese dialect – this one I don’t understand) phrases. When I told them to speak in English, one of them was like, “you mean you don’t understand this? That’s very un-singaporean of you”. At that point I really wanted to throw some Tamil words at her and ask her if is makes her any less Singaporean because she doesn’t understand it, but my noodles tasted too good so I decided to focus on the eating part.

This lady has also once, in my first or second week, after saying something racially offensive, stood up and told me, “I’m not racist okay, I have a lot of Malay and Indian friends”. Here’s a heads up for anyone reading this, using such a disclaimer doesn’t make you a non-racist. It just makes you are racist with a lot of malay/indian/any other minority group friends. Which probably makes you worse, because you are a racist hypocrite.


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