It’s Sunday night, and I am back to the whole Monday blues syndrome. Work has got me really confused these days. It’s a high stress job. My teammates aren’t so great. It’s in an industry I never wanted to be in, logistics. It’s a job role that I told myself I will never go back into, account servicing. In fact the job role is far away from what I wanted/would like to be doing. If I stay in this place, i’ll be limiting my options to this company and maybe it’s competitors. But honestly it’s not a bad company/industry to limit my options to. And it pays a decent amount. That’s basically the biggest positive I can think of and hang on to. The money. Other than that, staying in this field/role will push me further away from what I would like to be doing. I wanted to be working in CSR which I knew wasn’t realistic, not in singapore anyway so I told myself I would look for branding or communications roles, but no one has offered me one. So here I am in logistics, not entirely  sure what I am doing.

How, how do the people around me have if not everything, most things figured out when I constantly feel like a fish out of water? Yes I will admit to being risk averse and a little anti social which means I may not have any many doors open to me as an extroverted go-getter but I’m alright. I do work hard (I think). What am I doing wrong, there has to be something I am missing.


10 thoughts on “Mondays

      • Oh nooo haha! There are people who do/know what they want to do from grade school and people who don’t figure out until they are in their near retirement stage! Everyone’s life has different paths and move at different stages and it’s super hard but us “stuck” individuals have to stop comparing ourselves to others. It’s so easy to say “why not me?” And it’s equally as easy for us to give advice that we should follow but arent, haha!

      • Truly one of the only reasons why we feel “stuck” is because the people around us may seem to be moving up faster. Imagine if there was no one to compare ourselves to.. we probably wouldn’t feel stuck at all. We’d probably think we’re on the right track! Sorry this just really got me thinking..

      • That’s true, without comparing you may feel a little less “stuck”. But even without comparing yourself, if you are at a job role which is not helping much in terms of a dream career it might get to you.

      • Very true.. that’s why the question is always “what do I do now?” Or “where do I go from here?”

      • Sometimes you can ask those questions and take the necessary actions but if the right opportunities don’t come your way, nothing changes. You just remain in the same “state of flux” you are in.

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