Yesterday was just not my day and when I was in bed last night trying to think of the brightside/positive of the day, it was a struggle. This is a snippet of what yesterday was like.

I went to the library, had 4 books I wanted, guess how many I found, 0, even though I checked online first and the titles were listed as available.

After the failed library visit, the sky looked a little threatening so I decided to take the bus instead of walking. Despite the bus ride being less than 5 minutes, as the bus was approaching my stop, it started to pour. I had a small foldable umbrella which is a positive right? At least I had that. When I reached the carpark before my block , there was a old lady there grumbling about how she was stranded there and had to catch the bus. So I had to ferry her to the bus stop. And with the size of the umbrella (it barely sheltered 1 person), only the top of my head didn’t get wet. After I did that, me with my drenched, heavy jeans and squishy slippers managed to make it to under my block where this time a guy approached me to actually ask me to ferry him to his car which was parked behind the block. So that was round 2 of battling through rain with a tiny umbrella. When we got to his car, it was a Mercedes, sports model. The car would probably cost between $300,000 to half a million here. If I had known he was that rich I wouldn’t have agreed to walk him to his car. You’re that rich you can afford to get a little wet.

Then there was dinner at my sister’s place. I was told by her husband that there was prata (a flat bread thingy) for dinner so to come over. When I got there was of course no prata.

And that ladies and gentlemen was a few things that happened on my shitty Sunday, I hope it’s not an indication of the week ahead. I was so stressed about work and the busy week ahead I couldn’t sleep last night and am walking to work right now like a zombie. At least I have my blog for me to grumble, I guess that’s a positive.


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