Mini win

I was attached to a courier today as part of my orientation at my new company. I work for a large shipping and logistics firm. Actually I would mention the brand but there is something in my contract about using the brand on the internet/social media hence I am avoiding it. Anyways, so the courier run was actually quite interesting but it was intimidating because it was me and the courier in the van. With a man who is not only used to driving around alone, he was on a super tight schedule and didn’t need anything/anyone slowing him down. It went well for about 30 mins, where we were able to make small talk. And then the Mayday signal in my head went off. I am a socially awkward, introvert that hates talking, so naturally, I ran of topics to talk about and had to sit there, in the awkward silence. For some reason though I dug deep and managed make some more conversation and then jackpot, I asked about his kids. Tip for all fellow introverts out there who hate making small talk: people love talking about their children. Whether its to brag or to complain or anything in between, they like to talk about them. It went so well that the courier uncle (in Singapore you call anyone older than you uncle or auntie), ended up talking me to lunch and also bought me coffee. I am taking it as a victory, for someone who hates socialising, managed to make a semi-friend in 1 morning. Yay.


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