Figured I should write something about the new job. It’s been 3 weeks now and to be honest, the job is alright. Is it a great move on my part in terms of my career? I am not so sure. It’s a far cry from CSR and branding that I wanted to when I left uni. Do I enjoy the actual work I do? It’s okay. And hey it pays a decent amount and it could possibly lead to roles in other departments (after 18 months though). I just feel a little disappointed. Through the interview process I was told (or I understood) that it would be a key account/business analysis type of role which required a very macro perspective. It is a key account role somewhat but all I have to do is to make sure that clients shipments get from point A to point B. It’s an extremely micro view of things. Plus this job requires you to have a sense of urgency. Let me tell you something about myself, I don’t. I thought I made that clear in the interview. I am a very live and let live kind of person. I feel like everyone in my department needs to take a chill pill. I keep hearing terms like, “matter of life or death” or “fatal error”. And I am like really? Did someone die? But as I said, at the end of the day, it pays a decent amount. I am grateful for a job because I know what it’s like to be unemployed. And the company will look good on my resume if I can be a bit creative with my phrasing :p. Sad thing is that I have not met anyone there that I would want to be friends with outside work. Still staying positive and keeping my fingers crossed, it all goes well.


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