Sometimes I wonder how is it that people around me seem to have their life just fall into place. It usually feels like that don’t even have to try. They say though it’s usually through hard work which I will not refute. Am I not working hard enough then? I think I am doing everything I can to get a decent life/career going but I am not sure if I am doing it right. I make a conscious choice to live my life as a good human being everyday but is that all there is to it? What’s this secret that everyone around me seems to have and are not telling me?

If you need a further glimpse into my life, every morning when I leave for work I check this app that I have for the estimated bus timing. I hate missing the bus because this particular service number 93, is always sporadic and unpredictable. And like to be at work early. The app always says the bus arrives at 7.36-7.38. But I realised that it was actually coming at about 7.32-7.33am instead and I was always just missing it by seconds. So on Thursday morning I was at the bus stop at 7.24am by my phone’s time and I waited. I am sure you can guess what time the bus came, 7.38am. On Friday as I was walking to the bus-stop at 7.27am, I saw a 93 leaving and had to wait about 25mins for the next bus. Now if you take this concept of how the universe likes to toy with me with bus timings, and apply to every aspect of life, you will know what my life is like.

I have also started using QuizUp again. It’s basically a trivia game with various categories where you go against one other person. If anyone else in the blogging world has that app and wouldn’t mind playing a game or 2 with me now and then, please let me know. I could really use more people to challenge. I’ve previously asked and not gotten much of a response but thought I would ask again :p. Have a good weekend everyone.


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. The secret seems to be that there is no secret. Nobody really knows what they are doing and they are all just stumbling around blindly, trying different doors. Some doors lead to success and some don’t. Eventually if you try enough doors, you’ll find the one that brings success. Or so I’ve been told anyway.. :)

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