Push factor

Yes I have it pretty easy living rent free in the parents’ house. But there are days where you just feel, I got to get out. And it’s normally the littlest thing. You know parents right, they love to comment on everything. Well I had a miserable day but I was feeling better tonight sitting on the sofa reading a book. Got to love the ability to escape that reading gives you. Anyway, mom walks past, sees the title of the book, The Singles, and says disapprovingly, “Why you reading such books? You cannot stay single, you have to get married, and soon”. And so I did what any rationale adult would do in that situation. Pretended I was so absorbed in the book, that I didn’t hear her, :D which of course got another look of disapproval.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s not too bad a book, The Singles (by Meredith Goldstein). Not like a must read or anything. It’s basically chic-lit. Very light reading about single people at a wedding. If you are a single woman, looking for something to read you might want to check it out.


7 thoughts on “Push factor

    • Haha I almost did, I almost wanted to tell her I have decided not to ever get married and stay single as a conscious choice. But I decided to just breathe and let it go instead. Didn’t have the energy to get into an argument. :D

      • Is it an argument? Or a social experiment? I prefer to think when I push buttons I’m doing a social experiment. Maybe you can find an awesome guy at the new job. :)

      • It would have been a social experiment that ended in an argument, knowing my mood. There’s no one interesting at the new place. Besides I’ve seriously given up in that department Paul. Been single so long, I’m used to it anyway.

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