1st November

My November’s off to an interesting start. My weekend plans got messed up because my brother-in-law got badly injured playing football. Hopefully this isn’t going to set the tone for the rest of the month. Getting settled in the new position is going to be challenging enough, not to mention the new place isn’t going to pay me till December so that’s going to make managing my finances for a month a little difficult as well. I still don’t get my I won’t get paid in November. They knew well in advance that I was coming at the end of October, couldn’t they have arranged something? Apparently I missed some sort of payroll cut-off. They really need to implement a fortnightly (or even weekly) payroll in this stupid country. Monthly just doesn’t seem to make sense the more I think about it.

Usually going into November signals the end of the year which in turn, for me, makes me feel good. I normally really look forward to the new year, new year’s eve used to be my favourite day of the year, after my birthday. These days though, I have become, as Aerosmith put it, jaded. I don’t really care. Not much hope for some reason, so new year’s is practically meaningless. But then again, next year is the year I am going to Europe so at least I have that to look forward to.


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