New job

I have spent 2 days at the new job, and it’s been eventful. I am pretty much dazed and confused but trying to act as if I have it all together, as I usually do. I have been fairly vocal about feeling overwhelmed but I don’t think they realise how lost I am. Usually this is the time I have a melt down and drive myself crazy asking myself in my head repeatedly, “what have I done?!”, but given my new resolve to see everything positively, I am not panicking yet. I seem to be handling the situation uncharacteristically optimistically and I have to say it feels alright. Maybe there is some truth to this positive thinking crap after all :p. Knowing myself I wouldn’t write off a meltdown just yet. So the status at the moment would be so far, so good – kind of.

It dawned on me today though that this is the first time I am in a company that has a very local culture, despite it being an enormous European MNC. And this has been in culture shock to me, strangely. Of the last 3 places I worked previously, 2 were locally owned and 1 was american. All of them didn’t have a racial mix that was indicative of the national population. They all had very international and racially diverse teams. My new work place though has a very large majority of local chinese (who make up most of the country too). The amount of mandarin used is really instead of English annoying. I can still live with that though. What I am really shocked about is the amount of Singlish (colloquial Singaporean English) used, not just in speaking to one another, but in communication (emails) and presentations to customers. Funnily, HR has told me I need to do a basic English standards test (looks like an Australian post grad degree is not proof enough), yet the level of English being used professionally in the organisation is appalling. For example, this was on one of the presentations that was done to a high profile client – “Which are the special cases require management approval for fast track the process?”. At first I thought it was a typo but then I realised the presentation and all the external communications were full of Singlish and grammatical errors. And they seemed to be tolerated. Some even came from the bosses! I guess I better get used to that too.

In other news, I got asked (again) if I was gay, and if that is why I don’t want to get married. Why don’t people get that A) I don’t need to get married to live life and B) even if I wanted to get married, who the hell am I supposed to get married to? Oh the joy of being 28 and single.


4 thoughts on “New job

  1. Positive thinking is amazing. Work out, too. That helps get the frustrations out. Remember, everyone started where you are, and we’re refined through fire. You’ll shine just fine.

    As for married, yeah…. 31, not married, both younger brothers are married, one has two kids. Gets a lot of looks. :P If there’s no one worth it, though, don’t go out of your way. You’re brilliant. You’re doing it right ;)

  2. Next time someone asks say “you offering?” when they ask what you mean tell them you just assumed, what with their unhealthy interest in your marital status, they had a suitable prospect available to put a ring on it posthaste ;)

    • It’s mostly my aunts, relatives, parents friends. You know the old folks. They might actually have prospective people (usually not my, um, type) lined up. :p

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