A week or so ago, I read this article about how if you are dining with someone who is overweight you eat more, which in other words is bad for you. I don’t accept the study as conclusive but essentially the results seem to point to one thing, don’t go out and eat with overweight people. Being fat myself, when I read more into the study it basically felt like based on the findings, I should just do my friends/family and the world a favour and just eat all my meals alone. Because life isn’t challenging as a fat person as it is. I am really curious to know what the person that conceptualised this study thought of before undertaking it. There are so many other things/issues that could have been studied but know, the effects of fat people on eating patterns seemed to take priority over those. I am sure that humanity is going to greatly benefit by these findings which just adds to the negativity that overweight people already face.

I just started thinking about it again because over deepavali, one of our neighbours that came to our house for lunch decided to give me advice on my weight. I mean seriously? But I guess that just comes with the territory of being fat, everyone is volunteering dieting tips. Sometimes its really ridiculous. My ex-boss, who was on a low carb diet at the time (low carb but high fat, don’t know how that works out as healthy), told me I was eating too much sugar one morning when I was having breakfast. I was having a fruit salad which consisted of kiwi, orange and grapes. That’s another thing about being overweight, everything you eat is scrutinised. If you eat too little, you are assumed to be watching you eat or on a diet. If you eat too much, you are judged.

Then there’s shopping. Especially in my case where I live in a country where the average size (of a woman) is probably a UK size 6.  Shopping here is really a pain for me. It wasn’t so bad in Australia but here if you are over a UK size 12, don’t even bother, just sit at home with a tub of ice cream. I think even size 12s may have issues shopping in Singapore. Okay fine, there are places you can find some clothes but most of the time those stores (overseas brands) are exorbitantly priced.  And of course they don’t seem to make gym clothes here at all for fat people. Because we all know overweight people won’t ever need or want to buy clothes to exercise in, right? I am relegated to my old school (secondary school/junior college) P.E. shorts and t-shirts to exercise in. Fun times.

Okay fat rant over. Enjoy the video below.


4 thoughts on “Fat

  1. Oh my gosh, tell me about it. When I was in Taiwan it was like everyone felt obligated to give me diet tips – it was so humiliating. The girls there were so thin their legs were like little straws sticking out of their shorts ><

  2. You don’t look fat at all to me? Just healthy and normal. I have noticed that Asian girls can be itty bitty, but lets be honest here: with my height and bone structure I’m never going to be that tiny, there is no point trying to be 5ft, 98 pounds and a size AU6 when you are from a background that makes that goal impossible. I’m 5’6 a AU size 12 and I can lift and carry a 25kg bag of feed with no effort.
    My advice? Be the best version of you you can be :)

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