Still breathing

It’s been a challenging day. Well challenging few actually. I have reached some of the lowest of lows, wondering what the hell the point is of this bloody existence. But let’s take a look bad at the positives. I got to bake. Made some cookies and mini cupcakes which was fairly therapeutic. The weather today was good, it rained hence it’s been cooler. Yeah that’s about it.

Tomorrow is a new day though. It’s deepavali in fact. I have a nice new sari to wear and have some old friends coming over. I shall just focus on that.


5 thoughts on “Still breathing

  1. Well, at least you can wear sari, I trip over in mine, so I wear gopi dresses instead. lol But the point of this existence is to realise there is no point, unless Bhagavan Sri Krsna is the focal point. Namaste :)

  2. And you taught me about deepavali and sari. See, it’s a good day ;) Hang in there. Every battle we have today is for the glory of tomorrow, so that we can shine brightly for people in the future, having learned from our past. Keep at it, Anita.

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