Do possums attack?

I’m bored, feel like posting something but I’m too lazy to write something new and given that it’s Thursday I figured I would keep in line with the whole #tbt thingy and reblog one of my own posts. I picked this one because I am feeling a little extra nutty this morning.

Because Life Happens

There’s this possum that I have seen about 5-6 times when I walk back to my hall at night. It might be sightings of different possums which happened to be at the same place, but I think its the same one because it seems to recognise me. If you think that sounds like crazy talk, wait till you read the next post. I think this because the first time I saw it (I was walking back after watching the Phantom of the Opera), before I even realised it was there, it sort of scampered of into the bushes. At first I thought it was a weird looking cat, but then when it started going up a tree I realised it was a possum. Now the second time I saw it, it didn’t dart off. Instead it ran to like a safe distance and seemed watch me from there. This…

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