My blog stats are not the most exciting in the world. I don’t get a lot of views, a decent amount which I mostly attribute to the same few people who visit my blog every once in a while. I also get some views from interesting countries that I have never heard of (like Reunion).

The one thing I noticed for while though is that I have views from the Czech Republic. It normally comes in through the same source/referrer so I am assuming it’s the same person who visits my blog periodically. Yes I have sort of reverse-stalked this person. This post is basically a shout out to that person. Why you may ask. Well I have, in my life, I been lucky enough to meet people from various corners of the world. However I have not met (well I have met but not really made friends with) anyone from the continent that I am most fascinated with, Europe. Not sure how or why the cards have been dealt that way for me  but I suppose it fits with the way my life has played out so far. All other continents (besides Antarctica and the Arctic), I have people who I can visit or will at least be able to give me travel tips. Yes most of these people are concentrated on Asia but I have friends (at least on a Facebook level) in North and South America and Africa too. But not Europe. So yes that is why I am mentioning this reader from the Czech Republic. I am hoping that if I ever manage to get myself to Europe I will be able to get travel tips/advice from them, especially if I stopover in Prague. That is all. Hopefully this post doesn’t scare off that person :p.


14 thoughts on “Czech-ing

      • Well you never know.. Reminds me of that time there was a really cute guy who visited my blog, well his picture was cute anyway, and then I had to go and mention it and he never came back.. Moral of the story is… I guess there isn’t any moral… :)

      • Oh no, maybe he still secretly reads your blog? :p The moral might be not to post about your readers? Though this is really making me want to write a post about other people that read my blog/people i have kind of met via blogging. Might end up scaring off the lot. :D

      • Well I fantasise about meeting a potential partner through my blog… So I don’t think writing a blog post about people you meet through blogging is as bad..

      • I hope that fantasy comes true. That would be a good way to meet wouldn’t it? I mean if it happened to xia xue, why not the rest of us?

  1. I just wanted to drop a post and say hi *waves madly* I’ve been so busy I feel like I’ve been neglecting my fav online people :( So, sorry!
    I also have some views from cool places……I want to know who they are too! Say hello people :)
    I have a friend in Holland, if you ever need someone to show you around I’m sure she’d be only too happy :)

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