I have been sent for a fair few trainings at work. One of these training is an introspective one where they examine facets of a person’s character/life. Going through this and doing a checklist of the aspect of belongingness, I have discovered that I have trust issues. My ability to put faith in people is very low. While it could be attributed to my personality being an introvert and all, I think it could be a product of my environment. Maybe it’s because in the past I have been let down a fair bit by people/friends. There are just not many people I trust with all my deep dark secrets/thoughts. I mean my being this way is probably why I have this blog and not many of my friends have access to it. I didn’t think that it was a bad thing but the training  tells me otherwise. It puts forth the notion that if you find it difficult to trust people you reduce and hinder your ability to be resilient. I am still not convinced that they are right. Other than feeling lonely from time to time, not having someone to tell everything to can’t be that bad, can it? Is me not trusting people easily why I am usually unhappy and find it hard to be positive? Am I sabotaging myself?


4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. In my honest opinion, I feel that the people who are able to keep their own secrets to themselves and don’t have an issue NOT sharing are the most resilient ones. So you are on the right track :p

  2. It is hard to trust people; I can’t say I’ve ever trusted anyone completely. But then again, I am an embittered lonely gay man, so yes, perhaps you are right, the inability to trust people may have contributed somewhat to my bitterness..

    • Yeah I am still thinking about the relationship between not being able to trust easily and unhappiness/bitterness. Still not so sure. If only we could suddenly change and start trusting people easily.

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