Do you ever feel guilty that here you are making a mess of your life when someone else in some other part of the world who had more of clue how to live may have lost theirs? Probably not because I guess most of you out there have things figured out a bit better than me. Or feel guilty that you have a pretty cushy life in a politically stable country that has a comfortable standard of living when there are millions out there who may be fighting just for basic needs? I do.

That’s like the stage one of my introspective/contemplative/philosophical mode. Following which I start to wonder about the purpose of life. I mean there has to be more to life than just finding a job you like and well all this hoopla. Would help if I was religious I guess, unfortunately I’m not. Well actually I am actually pretty religious/spiritual I just don’t subscribe to organised religion. I will post about that some other time.

Speaking of guilty, I had to lie at work today to get time off to go for a job interview at another company. Even as the lies came out I couldn’t believe that they were coming out of my mouth so easily. I am so going to hell. Guess I was always going there anyway :p


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