Letters, dating and stuff

I saw this post by the cousin, a letter to her future guy, an was thinking what I mine would look like. Then I realised, mine would look something like this:

Dear future man/love of my life,

You’re late.



Pretty simple. And yes I consider myself a  hopeless romantic, but I don’t mean that with a “where have you been all my life” kind of lovey-dovey kind of tone. It’s more of a where the bloodly hell have you been, kind of tone. Yes I know, I got to work  better on this being positive thing.

And while we’re on this topic, may I just bring up online articles on dating. I previously wrote about why I thought all those why it’s great to be single articles are crap. Well now here is my rant about online articles on looking for love. Some tell you to put yourself out there, some say love “finds” you when you stop looking, some say it’s all up to fate/destiny. So what the hell is it? I guess no one has the magic formula but it would be good if writers of these articles just accept that fact and, well, stop writing this drivel.

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