Dark cloud

I told myself to hang on till August. I am always able to be find some way of being happy in August. It’s never failed me before. Until this year. I am consciously trying to stay positive but it doesn’t seem to be working.


2 thoughts on “Dark cloud

  1. Hello!

    It’s a very nice thought to look forward to something nice happening and hoping for it to get true, but you need to face the things that drag you down and overcome those.
    I know it is hard. Very hard indeed. I have been there, too, and the fight keeps going on, but(!) there are days, when you will feel better! Sometimes when you don’t even think about all those problems, you suddenly realize what is actually behind them and that it was something so small that it’ll surprise you.
    Genuine happiness comes from inside you. Let your inner sun shine and the world around you will sparkle!

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