Robin Williams

At this stage, I am a bit “late” to be posting about Robin Williams. But I still had to. I never was a super fan or anything but that does not mean I didn’t think he was brilliant. News of his death just adds to the sucky month and well year.

“There must be something wrong with the world, if the world can’t accommodate Robin Williams”. – Russell Brand. Something to think about isn’t it? How did we end up in a society where someone as amazingly talented, as Robin Williams felt like he needed an out. The amount of pain he must have been to give up at 63 when he had family and an established career among other things. The other thing, the basis of motivation for humanity is often attributed to hope. It’s hard though to feel hopeful though when you hear about the pain and suffering of a man that brought so much happiness to others decide to end his life. What a horrible world we live in. We really need to take stock of how broken we are as a human race and try to change. Do I have hope that that will happen? Nope, just look at the state of the world today, people killing and fighting each other pointlessly. I do have 1 hope though, that the legend of a man, Robin Williams, has finally found peace.

3 thoughts on “Robin Williams

  1. Robin Williams suffered depression, he had an illness, like cancer that crept into his mind and heart. Do not stop hoping, its us people who still find hope in humanity that will help spread the love and peace and thereby instill some sense in those who can’t find it in their hearts. :)

  2. I can not even say how hard this hit me, I loved Robin (Genie was my favourite character of all time) he’s exactly the sort of person I am drawn to in real life and I felt like I’d lost a friend when I heard. He was a great talent. I’ll never be able to watch a Robin movie again without wondering how he was feeling, how much was fake and how much was real. So sad.

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