I have issues

Yes i know, it’s not a newsflash that I have issues, but I think I have anger management issues. I keep getting urges to hit, trip or physically harm people. Or at the very least scream at them. This aggression/hostility is not towards everyone, just some idiots I see out and about. Mostly on the MRT (train/subway).

Like on the train yesterday. While I was squashed near the doors I spotted enough room in the middle of the carriage to do a waltz. Okay fine, that’s an exaggeration. But there was at least twice as much empty space in the middle of the carriage that me and the 4 people I was squashed up against were sharing. Why don’t people just move in? So I decided to fight through the mass of people and get myself in the middle in an attempt to get more breathing space and hopefully freeing a little space near the doors. I tried the polite way of asking people to move so that I can make why way to the middle. Didn’t work, because most people are more concerned about watching their favourite Korean drama or some other shit on their smartphones. I will admit I lost my patience a little after repeated attempts, an eventually bull-dozed my way to the middle of the train where there was more space. One lady who had noticed me doing that (she was seated by the way), shook her head at me. At ME. Like I was the bad guy. I wouldn’t have had to do that if everyone was just a little more considerate and moved in in the first place. I was so pissed I actually considered going up to her and sitting up her lap or falling on her by “accident” or something. I also thought of scratching, hitting or kicking her. At the very least wanted to ask her what her fucking problem was. If I had been PMS-ing I think I might have actually done that.  Thankfully, I was still had some hint of rationale in me and decided to just let it go.

But why? Why are people idiots? I mean I am not perfect but I do make a conscious effect to be a decent human being and use some common sense. Isn’t that a reasonable expectation of everyone that is born human?

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