The very single test and small talk

You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare, you have some difficulty waking up from it? Like being in a bad situation (for me it’s mostly being chased by rabid wild animal) and you try to scream but you can’t and it takes a while before you wake up from it with your heart racing? (Okay I know I need to stop posting about my dreams, but just read on okay?) Well last night I had a dream where I was so shocked that I didn’t have any trouble waking up from it. I dreamt that a guy asked me out. Basically I was with a group of friends, this guy came over asked to speak to me privately, asked me out and I woke up. It’s was exactly 3.51am. I then had an internal laugh when I realised that the universe is starting to mock me even in my dreams. So that’s the test, if the universe is mocking you even in dreamland about your chronic singledom, you are “very single”.

On to the small talk bit. I really hate trivial small talk, yet I can’t escape it, stupid social norms. Small talk leads to awkwardness, hence adding to my social awkwardness factor, and that is why I hate small talk. Why can’t people just skip in and my happy with a smile? Like today when I was passing a colleague in the hallway, this happened

Colleague: You always look like you are very deep in thought. (I think he was hinting that I had “resting bitch face”).

Me: That’s probably because I always am.

Colleague: Laughs nervously and has a “that’s not the right answer, you weirdo” look on his face.

I thought my answer was reasonable but I guess it wasn’t. Why? Why try and fill that 2 seconds you are passing someone and potentially pave the way for awkwardness? Why can’t you be happy with the dazzling smile I flash you? If you really like to talk, lets sit down over lunch or coffee to discuss deeper subjects or the state of the world. I don’t want to talk about the weather unless it’s starts snowing in Singapore.


3 thoughts on “The very single test and small talk

  1. Funny you should mention those sorts of dreams – I had a dream last night that I was engaged!! I was telling people the news, feeling all happy and contented, showing people the ring – but nowhere in this dream was there sight or mention of the man I was engaged to! I wonder what that means…….

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