Family extensions

I came home today after a few hours of work as my damn flu, has actually gotten worse and I figured a day at my current job will make it worse. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow but even more unfortunate than that was when I came home my mother’s useless brother was there. I think that made me more sick. Not sure if everyone has one of these in their extended family but I have an uncle that basically has spent his life sleeping around, not holding a proper job and  not providing for his family. He has pretty much left my aunt to raise my cousins, take care of all household related things, not to mention getting him out of really heavy debt. He’s in his fifties but he still hasn’t changed one bit. He has even at one stage, when my cousin kicked him out of the house for cheating on her mom, came and stayed with us. Not a fun time. I didn’t particularly enjoy watching him sit around living off my father. I was always getting into arguments with my mom over him. He eventually moved out after my mom’s older sister told him to grow a pair and move out. These days, I pretty much say hi to him, try and laugh politely at his stupid jokes and pretend to listen to his self-absorbed stories when I see him at family functions. Just for the sake of my mother. Today was a challenge though, I was sick, had a super bad earache and I actually had to sing happy birthday to him. Never felt more like a hypocrite. I hope I managed to pass him my flu at least. I am evil I know :D.


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