Snakes, dreams and monks

I met a monk this morning. I met a friend for breakfast and on the way home while walking to a bus stop I was stopped by a monk. He asked me help him take a picture of him with some flags they had up as decoration and then got me to vet his English before he posted the photo on facebook. Here’s the thing he was carrying a bag with a large green cobra on in. As in embroidery, not a real snake, I am sure you got that. But then again, not sure what he had in his bag, the little chinese characters on it may have said “beware, cobra in bag” for all I know. The funny thing is, last night I dreamt of a cobra, and guess what colour it was. Yes, green! So when I saw the bag, I thought this must be a sign, though I am not sure what it is a sign off. Probably a sign that I might be going nuts, given I felt the need to blog about it. It’s weird that both my dream and the bag had a green cobra because I am very sure cobra’s in real life don’t exist in that colour. I am not going to Google and find out because I am not a fan of snakes. Even just pictures of them, no thank you. But if anyone out there is willing to Google to verify if there are green cobras please do let me know what you find.

This run-in with the monk happened after my breakfast with a friend of mine. Sometimes I wonder why I am still friends with her. She one of those people that loves the sound of her own voice a lot. She talks without stopping. It’s very hard to keep up your concentration especially since she talks about stuff I have not much interest in. Mostly it’s about her husband or in-laws or about how hard she works. Sometimes she makes it sounds like aside from her and her husband the rest of don’t know the meaning of hard work. A bit of an irony coming from her, someone who’s always had her parents pay for all the major things in her life (education, wedding, solo dance recitals/staging and now a house), so that she can spend the money she earns on clothes, make-up and manicures. Anyway, she always talks about her husband like he’s the only one doing well in the corporate world. Everything he does she makes it sound like a big deal, but in actual fact it is pretty much what everyone with a non-government job does. I mean if he’s so great, he should be at a senior manager level now, but he still hasn’t really climbed the ladder at all. I really want to get a job at the company he works just so that I know what exactly he does that makes him so great. I am going to try and get a job there :D. I am also going to try minimising catching up with this friend because I just cannot take it anymore. She talks to the point I seriously don’t have to say anything, I just sit there. She can do that with any inanimate object she likes, she doesn’t need me for that.


3 thoughts on “Snakes, dreams and monks

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