I seem have gotten a bad case of the flu. It’s not fun as expected but what I have noticed is that I seem to be more chatty when I am sick. Not sure if it’s the medication that’s making me loopy but I made friends with Barista at McCafe while she made my green tea latte. I felt bad for her at the end of our conversation. Seemed like she was just talking to me because she had no one else to talk to. And then again in the evening, I ended up chatting for a bit with the lady at hawker centre, when I went to get a drink. I was also extra talkative in the office. Must be the medication. Anyway my point is, I am not myself when I am sick. Guess most people aren’t. I don’t know why exactly I am writing this, I just felt like it.

In other (unrelated) news, I saw this online I felt I had to post it here.


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