As of now my blog has received over 5000 views, mostly due to the World Cup by the looks of it. I have even received views from a country I didn’t even know existed called Réunion. Still the most interesting, surprising thing of stats page thingy to me is that there are people out there that use Bing as a search engine. :p Why do people still use Bing? Some of the things people search for that get them to my blog are also interesting. I have previously mentioned the possum thingy. These are some of the terms:

  • “hostile party hostess” – I want to know what made them search that.
  • “what happened to Ronaldhino” – Sorry I have no idea too.
  • “ancestral home of dalai lama” – This person would have been disappointed to land on my page.
  • “what happened to deal or no deal” – Again I have no idea. The Australian version is still played and telecast there I think.
  • “brain goes into overdrive” – So does mine.
  • “are men assholes” – Yes, most are.

Looks like there are aren’t many sites about Panagiotis Kone because that seems to be the subject that has driven most people (via search engines) to this blog. And True Detective quotes. And of course question on possums. Speaking of which, I miss my little possum friend I wonder how its doing in Canberra.


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