When it rains it pours

I had a terrible day today. Firstly I woke up with a sore throat. I can still speak and stuff but I can’t seem to swallow, not even water. And then I made my way to a meeting (not at the office, at an external venue), which was moved to tomorrow but I wasn’t told. I even got a call at work (someone called my office line), and when I asked who it was on the line and how I could help them, I got scolded. I was told I dialed the wrong number and I shouldn’t be bothering them. Like what the hell? It also rained. It was a super heavy downpour. And just as I was congratulating myself on making it back to the office (after lunch) just in time that I didn’t get wet in it, my colleague sent me a message. She was stranded at the nearby mall without an umbrella so I had to go “rescue” her. That led to and after in a air-conditioned with squishy shoes and partially wet clothes. Furthermore my 6pm meeting which was supposed to take 20 mins took about 1 hour and 20 mins.

To be totally honest I am probably feeling more miserable and lonely than normal because of hormones. And since I am doing the whole positive thing I should try and focus on the good things that happened today. But it’s tough. I am grateful for the rain though, at least we have a cooler night because of that. I also glad that the day is almost over. Tomorrow will be a better day.


3 thoughts on “When it rains it pours

  1. Keep up the optimism!! Some days make you all miserable and blue, but that means good times are just round the corner!!! and I really hope you get better soon.

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