The best thing I’ve learnt from my work

Best summary of office life I have read. Especially number 9. I need to stop reblogging these guys’ posts but I can’t help it, their blog is great.

Steve and Jon's best things

University of Gloucestershire Everyday of my undergrad degree looked like this – I sure hope it’s the same for postgrad…

After nearly two years of working in Market Research I’ve decided to leave my job and go back to University. Not just so that I can have the carefree lifestyle of the student but that I can also once again live in abject poverty.

So as my time draws near (2 and a half weeks away) I’ve started to reflect on some of the things I’ve learnt from my work:

1) Email is a way of life, not just a form of communication which you should probably check twice a day. As soon as you see a message it is vital that you are there to read it and respond otherwise you will probably die

email It’s pictures like this which make emails seem exciting and fun instead of the controlling and devastating bytes of…

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