Working late

I was the last one to leave the office tonight. That’s the first time in this new place. Every time I think about staying late in the office, I am reminded of one night in my previous company (a hotel), that spooked me pretty badly. Now this story is long, involves diagrams and a fair bit of hand gestures so I will not be posting the story as I don’t feel I will do it justice. But if you ever meet me in person, please ask me about it. I can’t promise that you will have as much listening to it as I will telling it but it’s a pretty good ghost story. Most hotels/hotel staff have good ghost stories so if you have friends working in some you should ask them about it. And also remember that the next time you’re in a hotel. Be nice to the front office staff, otherwise they just may allocate you the room where things go bump at night more times than can be rationally explained. Or they might put you in the noisiest room or one where something is a little faulty. Actually just be nice to all hotel staff. The concierge boy you got annoyed at for taking too long with your bags may be bffs with the restaurant waiter, who may decide to spit polish your silverware.

Can’t speak for all service staff but from by observation, if you are difficult, don’t expect very high levels of service. If  you are nice though, we go out of our way to ensure you have a great time, this may be by upgrading you, sending you complimentary wine/chocolates/fruit basket, or even “comp-ing” a meal or 2. At the end of the day, yes you are the customer, but no, you are not always right.


2 thoughts on “Working late

  1. I would love to allocated to the haunted room. So, in order to have this occur, your opinion is that I should be rude to the help. OK. Thanks!

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