Full round-up

I am sure you saw it coming, a final (probably final) post on the world cup. But before we get into the finals this morning, lets me get everything I have wanted to say but didn’t manage to blog about out of the way first. Firstly while it would have been like a fairy tale for Brazil to have won the tournament, after watching their game against the Germans and the Dutch, I feel bad for the Colombians. How Brazil managed to beat Colombia in the quarter finals is still a mystery to me. Brazil should have been out that round. At least then they wouldn’t have been bulldozed by Germany in the semis.

Speaking of teams that should have been out, if we go back further to the group stages, the second more arrogant German team US team shouldn’t have made it through. They got incredibly lucky, that too in the Group of death. I felt bad for Ghana and Portugal, one of them should have made it through instead. All the teams that made it to the quarters were teams that topped their respective groups. If USA hadn’t gone through, this would have been more exciting in think.

And now to the finals. I thought about potentially recording and sleeping through it, because I thought Argentina might win. That would have been a waste of sleep. Thankfully the Germans won. The team that was actually a team rather, than 10 guys and 1 star player won. They were such a cohesive unit, they played as if they knew what each other were thinking, they never under-estimated any opponent’s ability and were very humble about their own. They deserved to win. Even Thomas Muller as annoying as he is, clearly knows he’s part of a team and never tried to outshine his teammates. Argentina started well, but they primarily played a defensive and eventually dirty game. Its like when they weren’t winning in extra time, they collectively decided to kill Bastian Schweinsteiger. Kudos to Schweinsteiger though, even with a cut on his face he just got stitched up and ran back on to the pitch. But seriously the poor guy, seemed to be the punching bag for Argentina’s frustration. Mascherano was very lucky to have not been sent off with a second yellow.

Lionel Messi, greatly skilled player, never really liked him but it was starting to change this World Cup. I was like, he’s not too bad. Nope, after the finals, I still don’t like him. Nothing that he did during the game, he’s still brilliantly skilled. It was his attitude after the match. He was such a sook. Seriously he was acting like a 5 year old. Oh well shouldn’t have expected too much from him.

And that brings us to the end of an exciting world cup. And just to reiterate my last post:

Oh and just FYI, if any of the above sounds incoherent, please note that I have been up since 2.30 am this morning (it’s 9.30 pm now).


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