It’s been a great Sunday. Morning started with me meeting up with my bff, favourite cousin or whatever you want to call her, in a nice little cafe that served great food. This was followed by coffee at another cafe and shopping. Though the shopping was for nothing exciting, just black flats, it felt nice to have the ability to buy things for myself again. And then I went to a day spa for massage. It was a reward to myself for being back on the payroll again. I have to say though as nice as the masseuse was, there were times I thought she may have been trying to kill me. I said light to medium pressure. I wonder what her strong or deep tissue massage would feel like. I am not game to try. She did talk a bit too much for my liking too. I found out everything from how she doesn’t understand how people can be vegetarians to how the bus she takes to work takes a really long route. Even my love life (or the lack of it, you guys know the drill). Don’t know why she brought it up but she did. She told me she thought for sure I had an ang moh (Singapore slang for Caucasian) boyfriend or husband, I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Maybe I look like a SPG? I was dressed in knee length shorts, and a shirt with sleeves up to my elbows, with my hair all over the place and make-up that had melted off my face. Not so sure that’s the SPG look. And she said I my standards must be too high, that’s why I am still single. Because male and human (and single), is really setting the bar too high these days I guess. Anyways it was still a good day overall, and the greatness will continue in a few hours with the World Cup final where the Germans will beat Argentina hopefully. I know I have previously said I want anyone but the Dutch to win, but having supported Germany since 2002 I am hoping it’s their time now. They usually have better bad luck in big tournaments and this is football, anything can happen, so let’s see. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them though.


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