Miroslav Klose is now the top goal scorer in World cup matches, he has beaten Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) with 16 goals in 4 tournaments. Also, I am blogging because as much as I am a German fan, I cannot watch the Brazil team get thrashed anymore. It’s sad (thinking of taking back my apology). Anyway, back to Klose. I like the guy, since I saw him play in 2002. I started following Werder Bremen because of him. I also like him because despite his record he’s never been over commercialized as a superstar player. Maybe he is in Germany and Europe but it’s not at the level of the likes of Neymar, Beckham or Ronaldo (the Portuguese one) globally. Plus in my amateur opinion, he’s a team player on the field. I am glad he managed to get one more goal at the games, I am pretty sure he’ll retire from international football, if not football soon.

Another player I have to mention in Manuel Neuer. I am not sure if he’s human. There’s something about him. He looked like he’s wearing make up for the game. Very good, waterproof, sweat proof make up.

I was saying want I want anyone but the Dutch to win the World Cup, but I take it back. The Germans need to win now. But I still hope the Argentinians thrash the Holland side in the second match. Let’s see.


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