Was talking to a friend tonight and I told her at about 8.30pm that I was going to bed so that I can get up for the match tonight (Argentina vs Switzerland, and yes of course it is at extra time now, since I have work tomorrow). The friend told me she wished she was more like me, disciplined enough to get up for matches. She, who pretty much has her life together, more like me, whose life is pretty much a lost cause? I told her to relax. Only people with no life will be motivated enough to wake up and watch matches in the middle of the night. I don’t have any other form of excitement in my life at the moment. And it’s not like the scores have been going the way I would like yet I am still watching. How sad is that? After the games are over, it’s back to life (or the lack of one) for me. But for her, she still has her “everything-falls-into-place” life, with or without football. At least she has someone physically there, her husband, to watch matches with. The only physical company I have had is my extra “hugging” pillow. Even that was borrowed by my sister last week when she was staying over. Oh well, the grass is always greener right? She’s also one of the people that always likes to tell me I am very lucky to be single. Yeah exactly how I feel now, with a job I am not sure  about, stuck in a country I can’t stand, broke and having almost no social life – very lucky.


2 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. I know this feeling. I’ve had people tell me I am “so lucky” because I am currently unemployed and living at home. Seriously?! As much as I’m annoyed by it, I think it’s good practice for me to stop and just appreciate what I have that other people may envy me for. Not easy, but it’s a way to cope.

    • Yes I know, I try and be grateful for what I have but it depends on my mood. Sometimes when I hear the “you’re so lucky” I snap. :p

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