Night of the non-deserving

Firstly, let me just say that I didn’t think would be posting so much stuff about the World Cup but hey, seems like I need an outlet aside from the usual people are talk to about it for my post game comments. Last night there were 2 teams that got through to the Round of 16 that I think did not deserve to.

Uruguay, beat a 10 men Italy last night. The first half of the match was pretty mundane, both sides were playing as expected. The second half however was full of drama. Claudio Marchisio got red-carded which I seriously thought was harsh given the ref had led so many other more questionable tackles slide before that without even a yellow. Am I a bit biased because it was Marchisio? Probably. But seriously, that foul at the most deserved a yellow, he shouldn’t have been sent off. And then Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini. Yes BIT. The guy has issues. He has previously bitten players twice before. He of course didn’t get sent off for that. The referee honestly was behaving like he was a fan of Uruguay. I was semi-impartial at the beginning of the match but by the end I wanted Italy to win, just because how the ref seemed to be a little more forgiving of the Uruguayans.

Greece beat Côte d’Ivoire because of the penalty goal. I didn’t watch the full match, just the highlights but it seemed to me that the penalty was awarded to Greece after a Greek player tripped himself up. Please correct me if I am wrong because I didn’t watch the full match.

I highly doubt the 2 teams will make it past the next round though the way they are playing. I hope Suarez gets banned for a year or something, though I do think he should have been sent of in that match itself. Italy may still be in it if he was.

In all honesty, by the looks of it, I think the Dutch stand a good chance of winning this year. But as with the Uruguayans and Americans, Holland seems to concentrate on fouling players (and diving) more than actually playing. So while I think they might win, I really hope they don’t. :p


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