And we’re back

Back to the world cup now, but this is going to be brief. I decided to update my FIFA Fantasy Football team before round 3 of the group stages. Yes I have a fantasy football team, yes I have no life. I don’t know why I do these things, it’s not like I get ranked anything higher than 300,000th or something. Anyway, back to my point, I decided to remove Iker Casillas, and I felt guilty. As I previously mentioned, I have been following his career since 2000, i.e. almost 14 years, i.e. half my life. I know a lot of things about him, watched many matches he’s played and even know useless trivia about him. He’s been my default fantasy football keeper for years for various tournaments (World Cup, Euro, etc). With the possible exception of me picking Gianlugi Buffon a few times years ago, Casillas was the way to go for me. And for the past few tournaments, I always picked him as a captain. It seriously felt like It felt like I was betraying a friend. That’s all for now.

This week I am going to try and catch up on sleep a little more, so only 2 matches for me. Italy vs Uruguay tomorrow and Germany vs USA on Friday so there is a chance I won’t be going on about World Cup too much. I’ll probably spend my time complaining about work more. :p


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